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Our Quilting Services

All quilting is done in my clean, smoke free studio on my A1 Elite Professional Longarm Quilting Machine.  I also have an Intelliquilter Computerized System which allows me to choose the best techniques for your quilt:  fully computerized for perfect edge to edge designs with a faster turnaround time, or fully hand guided, freehand custom quilting where I create your patterns and designs stitch by stitch, or a combination where some motifs are perfectly placed with the computerized system and other designs are creatively quilted freehand.  Each quilt plan is designed with your needs, desires and budget in mind. 

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Pantograph Quilting:

A pantograph is one edge to edge design that is quilted continuously across the whole quilt. The design crosses the piecing and unifies the quilt with one color thread and one pattern, resulting in a lovely and budget-friendly quilt. 

Pantograph quilting is done on my A1 Longarm with an Intelliquilter Computerized System to assure you the highest quality results with a fast turn-a-round time. There are many beautiful designs to choose from, ranging from simple geometric patterns to intricate feathers, swirls, and leaves, just to name a few.  Prices range from .02 to .04 per square inch.  Minimum charge: $50

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Custom Quilting:

I am currently accepting custom quilt orders on a limited basis. Please call to discuss your quilt.

Custom quilting consists of different individual motifs placed strategically on the quilt top to enhance the beauty of your handiwork.  Each area of your quilt top will be quilted with a coordinating set of designs.  Examples include motifs such as feather or fern vines in borders, feathered wreaths or continuous curves in blocks, crosshatching or other ruler work, background quilting, outlining applique, stitch in the ditch, etc.  Multiple colors of thread can be used to complement the piecing.

Custom quilting is done on my A1 utilizing both the Intelliquilter and my own freehand quilting to create a beautiful, one of a kind quilt that you will cherish forever.  Prices range from .06 to .09 per square inch depending on complexity and density of the chosen designs.  Minimum charge: $100

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Heirloom/Show Quilting:

I am currently not accepting any heirloom or show quilt orders.

Heirloom or Show Quilting is the highest level of custom quilting offered.  It utilizes all the standard custom techniques but then adds those extra special touches such as trapunto, tight micro fills, original designs, densely quilted motifs of an intricate nature, and tieing off and burying of thread tails.  Quilting in this catagory is usually reserved for those extra-special or unique quilts where the quilting is an intregal part of the quilt itself and the longarm quilter is considered to be a vital partner in creating your masterpiece.  Many different threads may be used and many hours of quilting are to be expected.  Prices start at .10 per square inch and go up from there, or the quilt may be priced at an hourly rate, depending on the design complexity  and time required. 

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Most quilting services are priced by the square inch and have a range depending on the complexity and density of the quilting.  To calculate an estimate of the quilting labor charges, multiply length of your top X width of your top. Then multiply that number by the price per inch that is listed for the service you are considering. 


90 x 75 = 6750  then  6750 x .02 = $135

(L" x W" = sq" then sq" x price = total quilting labor cost)

For a more detailed estimate, please call or email us and we'll be happy to assist you!

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Thread and Batting:


We use only the highest quality threads from such well known companies as Superior, Signature, and YLI.  There are many types and colors of thread to choose from.  Thread color can blend or contrast with your quilt. Thread type often depends on the use the quilt will receive.  The top and bobbin thread will be the same or a similar thread.  Together we can choose the best threads to enhance the beauty your quilt. 


  • Solid colors of cotton or poly thread are $5 each, maximum charge $25. 
  • Specialty threads such as variegated, metallic and monofilament are $7 each, maximum charge $35.



We stock Quilter's Dream Battings for your convenience.  Their quality is outstanding and your quilts deserve only the very best, inside and out!  Batting on the roll is sold by the inch so you only need to buy as much as you need. 


  • Quilter's Dream 100% Cotton, Select weight, 92" inches wide - low loft, heavy and warm, shrinks for an old fashioned look
    • unbleached (natural): 31 cents per inch
    • bleached (white): 37 cents per inch
    • both also available in 120" wide: available by request, prices vary
  • Other Quilter's Dream items available by request, prices vary:
    • Quilter's Dream Needlepunched Poly, Select weight - black or white, lightweight, good stitch definition, no shrinkage
    • Quilter's Dream Wool - machine wash, lightweight yet warm, wonderful stitch definition
    • Quilter's Dream Puff - very lightweight and higher loft, very warm
    • Quilter's Dream Blend - 80% cotton, 20% poly - low loft yet sturdy, excellent for all quilts

You may also provide your own batting.  Please make sure it is a high quality brand and that it is 8" wider and 8" longer than your quilt top.  We reserve the right to refuse any batting that we feel is inferior or inappropriate, such as batting that is specifically labeled for hand quilting only, or is thin and pulls apart easily.  Please call or email with any questions about batting. We're glad to help you pick the perfect one for your quilt. 


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A beautiful binding is the finishing touch for your quilt. Prices are based on the Linear Inch.  To calculate an estimate: Measure all around the perimeter of your quilt (or measure and add all 4 sides together) then add 20" for mitering corners and and overlapping the final seam.  Then multiply that number by the price of the service you'd like.

  • Half Mitered Binding:  You provide prepared binding, we machine stitch to front only, you finish the rest - $0.15 per linear inch
  • Whole Mitered Binding:  You provide prepared binding, we machine stitch to front and hand finish to back - $0.30 per linear inch
  • Full Mitered Binding:   You provide the fabric, we make the binding strips, machine stitch to front and hand finish to back - $0.35 per linear inch

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Additional Details:

Quilt Preparation - For best results, please...

  • Press your Top and Backing well.  Make sure top seams are smoothly pressed to one side, very important for Stitch in the Ditch.
  • Clip any stray threads (especially dark threads!) from the back of the top to reduce the chance of them showing on the front. 
  • Correct any wavy or full borders in the top to reduce the chance of pleats or tucks occurring during quilting.  Avoid fullness in borders by measuring your top, cutting the borders to fit, pinning to the top, then sewing with a walking foot.  Do not just cut a long strip, sew it on, then cut it off -- that's the sure way to have fullness.
  • Do not baste or pin the quilt layers together. 
  • Backing and Batting must be 8" longer and  8" wider than the top (ie 4" bigger on each side) in order to load properly onto the frame.  For example, a 60" x 70" quilt top needs backing and batting to be at least 68" x 78".
  • Cut off selvedges before seaming backings.  Use 1/2" seams and press open.
  • Do not use purchased sheets for backing as the thread count is very high and can cause skipped stitches or broken needles.
  • Backing and Top edges should be even and squared to result in a flat and square quilt.
  • Mark the quilt top and backing top with a safety pin if quilt is directional.
  • Do not add any embellishments until after all quilting is complete.
  • Stay-stitch any bias and/or pieced edge borders to reduce stretching.
  • If shipping, carefully fold all layers, seal in plastic bag, and pack in sturdy shipping box.
  • If you have any questions about quilt prep, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Specialty Services - Only charged with customer approval.  All fees are $20 an hour with a $10 minimum charge.

  • Pressing backing or quilt top in preparation for loading on the longarm.
  • Trimming any stray threads that are showing through from the back of the top.
  • Mending any open seams or holes.
  • Seaming and pressing backing yardage to required size.
  • Removing and remaking parts of the top, ie: oversized borders, blocks set in wrong, etc.
  • Turning the quilt for directional specialty border designs.  Many quilts do not need this.

To eliminate or reduce these extra charges, please take a few moments to make sure your quilt is in top notch shape.  Press your top, trim the stray threads, check for open seams (especially on older tops) and correct orientation of blocks, piece and press the backing yourself, and apply borders correctly.   By following the quilt preparation guidelines above, you will be able to save your money for more fabric! 

Scheduling - Quilts are completed on a first-come / first-serve basis.  For your convenience, I do reserve quilting appointments in advance by phone or email.  I will call or email you just as soon as your quilt is finished.

Payment - Due in full at time of pickup or prior to return shipping.  Cash and personal checks accepted.

Shipping - Actual shipping charges, plus insurance and/or tracking.  UPS Ground or USPS Priority unless otherwise requested.

Please Note:  Prices and Information subject to change without notice. 


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